In every home, there must be an authentic garden, not as big as Versailles, but even a small one, because it is the best place to rest and relax. For this, you only need to throw the garbage from your balcony and learn some gardening bases. So that you can make a garden in your home’s balcony not only looks beautiful inside but outside, give preference to the climbing plants that in summer will create the sensation of an authentic tropical forest not only for you but also for all the people who see your balcony from outside.

Make a garden in your home’s balcony


If your garden is small and you do not want to spend in large planters, ordinary pots will help you create a green corner in your home. You can cultivate both aromatic herbs and any type of plants. Secure the pots to the wall or balcony rail with thick wires.

Sill for complicated compositions

A comfortable place for complicated compositions is sills. To make your flowers look better, you can add something “unexpected”, as well as a large pumpkin or artificial fruits.

Pots that remind you of the beach

The pebbles of the sea can be an excellent material to redesign the pots that have already bored you. In this way, an average balcony will look just like a magical place in the Mediterranean.

Large-sized plants

A good way to create the feeling of a real garden is to use large plants to put them in the corner of the balcony. Even in a small space this trick works and adds convenience. Choose the plant according to your weather conditions and your preferences, and enjoy a cup of tea in your shade!

Flying plants

Any plant can be “sent to fly”. For this, in the garden stores, special materials are sold that you can use instead of a conventional pot: mats, mold. They keep moisture well and give plants everything they need for normal growth. This allows hanging plants of any size on the walls, on the ceiling or on the balustrade of the balcony.

Wicker baskets

An excellent way to add a rustic style to your balcony garden. Wicker baskets and vases of all shapes will create a lot of comfort. The important thing is that between the floor and the basket there is a special plastic that lets air through, or a plastic vase.

Miniature vegetable garden

Even on a small balcony, you will find a place for a small garden. You can grow herbs for your tea or salads right in food or oil cans. You can hang them, adjust them on the walls or simply put them on the floor.

Frame for the walls

With minimal effort, you can create a frame on the wall to locate your plants. To plant your flowers you can use any type of container, starting with plastic containers and finishing with pots.

Who said cups are just for drinking?

Any type of cup, especially the large ones destined for the broths, can serve you in your small balcony. The violets and other small flowers will look beautiful and will shine with new colors in these cups.

Live facilities

For those who do not like to take care of the plants but want to have flowers on the balcony, this type of facility is the best option. A common plastic basin and undemanding cacti can become an interesting composition for a mini garden. The figurines and stones will give a special touch to this composition.

Use your old furniture

Do not rush to throw away your old furniture if you have a balcony. The broken shelves, a worn out bureau or even the chair that no longer gives for more; all this can become excellent support for flowers in your mini garden.

Your majesty the bucket

The most ordinary bucket can be converted into a planter for your aromatic herbs or in a pot for a climbing plant. It will also add a touch of humor to your garden.

Rubber boots for your favorite flowers

Old rubber boots are excellent for growing plants that prefer moisture. This “pot” does not let the water escape and at the same time provides the plant with the necessary air. It looks nice and unusual.

A teapot that is not exactly a teapot

In any home over time accumulates a large number of teapots of all shapes and sizes. It’s time to display them on your balcony as pots.

Pallet support

Nowadays it is very popular to use industrial pallets. You can make multilevel support for small plants and aromatic herbs. It is very original, simple and economical.

Nearly authentic grass underfoot

To make your mini garden look like a real oasis, you can add a green coating to the floor of your balcony. Anyone who looks like grass. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for cloth or plastic coating.

The biggest ornament of any garden

A garden is not a garden without pets! The best place for kittens is among the flowers and butterflies. The important thing is that the garden does not become the main place for hunting or games.


Gardening is smart work if you don’t have a big place, no need to be upset because our article gives extraordinary tips. That can help you to make a garden in your home’s balcony.








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