Growing rosemary is not complicated. You can even do it in a pot. As you already know, I am a supporter of urban gardens. I think that even if there is not too much space, you can always find a solution to have your own garden.

To achieve this goal, with little space, vertical gardens are a great solution where the pots are hooked on the wall and do not take much. Also if you grow in one or two pots, you can put them where you want as long as you respect the care of the plant. To plant rosemary, you can do the same. Either put it on the terrace, on the wall or on the floor or put it in the kitchen.

Particularly the aromatic herbs in the kitchen, placed in the window, I like a lot to perfume the environment. Then, when they have grown, they become spices and spectacular herbs for culinary dishes. You can plant different herbs in pots. How about?

How to grow rosemary in a pot

You can do it through cuttings or seeds. If you do it with seeds, it is better to plant in the spring. Then buy a pot with its drainage system. If you do not have it, make a few holes in the base of the pot. In this way you avoid water retention.

On the other hand, get yourself a good substrate for plants. Then follow the instructions on the seed envelope. But usually you should fill the pot with substrate. Make sure it is not too caked or the ground too loose.

Fill the pot about 3/4 of its capacity. Then spread the seeds and cover again with soil (not too much) Then look for a good place for rosemary. This herb requires abundant sunlight. So place the pot in a window where the sun or the terrace.

Then water once and ready. This plant does not have to be watered very often, but it prevents the soil from drying out excessively. But remember that rosemary grows better with drier earth than other plants as it grows perfectly in warm and somewhat rough places. Yes, place a plate or something underneath to collect the water that you release.Finally I tell you that cultivating rosemary is a great idea. If you have outdoor space such as a garden, you can plant this as a bush. It is a very aromatic plant, so it will give off an unmistakable smell. In this way it also helps to give a good smell to your home, if you grow it in a pot.

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