Cultivating black pepper can be done both in the garden and in a pot. If you do not have a piece of land, you can get a deep pot, land for it and plant your pepper there. What do you think? This delicious species can have it at home to flavor many of your favorite dishes. Of course, although pepper is good for the kidneys, it is not as beneficial for other things. Do not eat it too much.

Growing black pepper is not that complicated. But you must have the necessary things and an environment where you can grow without problems. In the post I will try to give some tips and steps to follow, to be able to enjoy this delicious spice. Do you dare?

How to grow black pepper in a pot

First get yourself a pot and fill almost all the container with earth. Then spread the seeds about 1 cm or 1,50 cm from the surface. Then add another layer of earth. Then locate the pot in a place where the ambient temperature is approximately between 24 and 29ºC.

Then sprinkle the seeds or the plant with plenty of water. You should not soil the earth, but you should notice the same dampness. It is a good idea to use fertilizers if you plant in the soil. You can also fertilize the soil in the pot, but always following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Try that the surface where you want to grow the pepper is quite smooth. In addition, the soil that you put in the pot must be the correct one for this type of crops. A rich compost that makes it grow strong. On the other hand I commented that the pepper plant is climbing. If you want to cultivate it well, add a wooden stick or something where you can hold on to grow. You can also use trellises.

Do not let the soil of your crop dry. This is not good for the plant. You must water whenever you see that the earth begins to dry. When your pepper plant is growing, it is good that you tie it to the structure that you have placed for it to climb. In this way you will prevent it from being torn, twisted or overturned. You can tie it with a rope by the stems.

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