If you’re a newbie to Glastonbury Festival, here are some interesting facts you may not know. During its early years, the festival was a protest against nuclear weapons, and the Pyramid stage, which features bands like U2 Live, doubled as a cowshed or animal feed store during the winter. In the 1980s, the festival grew so much that it was granted licences from the local government, and the site expanded by a hundred acres. During the Festival’s first decade, its attendance steadily increased until it topped out at 40,000 revellers.

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The first Glastonbury festival was held one day after the death of Jimi Hendrix, which made it the perfect hippie retreat. Entrance was just £1 and came with free milk and access to camping. Today, the festival is still held on Worthy Farm, owned by the Eavis family. It has been one of the most popular music festivals in the world since its inception. There’s no other festival like it. Of course, the planning is extensive and includes campsites, toilet facilities and access to medical treatment. For details on Medical cover for events, contact privateparamedicservices.co.uk/event-medical-cover/

In 1971, the festival was free, and it had a line-up featuring David Bowie. Its first pyramid stage was built in 1971, and in 2016 it hosted a tribute to the late singer. The festival has remained relevant for decades, setting the model for many other music festivals around the world. In the years since, it has helped raise funds for a variety of charities and causes. The music festival was a career-making experience for musicians and has helped shape the face of the music industry.

There are several interesting facts about the Glastonbury Festival. One of them is that Tony Bennett performed the Sunday legends slot at the festival. During this slot, seasoned artists perform in different genres.

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Another interesting fact about the Glastonbury Festival is that the iconic stage is located on the ley line that connects the Abbey and Stonehenge. The ley line is believed to demarcate earth energies. This fact has been confirmed through archaeological excavations and the discovery of King Arthur’s tomb in the area. The Abbey’s founders were aware of its 3,000-year history and its significance as a pilgrimage.

Another interesting fact about the Glastonbury Festival is that it has a separate festival within a festival, where the Glastonbury Green Fields can be found. Celebrating all things eco-friendly, this is a space where people can come to chill out and find some alternative therapies, as well as learning about environmental issues and solutions.


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