If you want to learn how to take care of an indoor cactus, here are some tips to follow. This plant, I recommend it to you if you are a person who does not have time to water and take care of other more delicate species. If you love decorating with plants, think about buying a cactus of this type.

Caring for an indoor cactus is relatively easy. They do not need as much water, as other plants and they are also very resistant. If you want to decorate with them, buy a set of different shapes. United will give a great touch, in the place where you put them.

Care of an indoor cactus

Transplant your cactus, every two years. Do it to a pot, always of clay. In addition you should have a good drainage and if you do not make a hole in the base of it. Then add the earth. If it can be, use an organic fertilizer with coconut fiber, leaves, bark, peat … etc. When filling the pot with dirt, do not do it to the edge. Leave about 5 cm of space, this way the cactus will grow better.

On the other hand, irrigation should be little . Once a week you will be nourished with water, your cactus will be splendid. For that reason they are plants that you can leave quietly at home and go on a trip for a few days. It is true that in winter, you have to water them more often. This is because they are indoor plants and the climate may be drier due to the stoves and radiators. This causes the humidity to decrease, disfavoring your plant. For this reason you should water more frequently.

Every time you water (once a week) do it until you see how the water comes out, through the drainage holes. Then do not water again, until next week. Also always check that the earth is a bit dry, by sinking a finger on the surface. DO NOT flood the pot.

Finally, this type of cactus are plants that need to be in very well lit areas. Put it next to the window, it’s a great idea. You can also put on the floor, the side of a window that is in an illuminated space. Do not put it directly in the sun, for too many hours.

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