Once you have completed the preparation phase, which includes measuring the amount of artificial grass, proper drainage (if required), and removing the artificial grass for balcony, you will be ready to plant an artificial lawn. This article outlines the steps you can take to help you work, lay the foundation, join the joints, and grow grass.

Lay the foundation of gravel, then the sand of the past

Utilize reused wood/wooden sticks if essential. We offer 4×2 inch better trees for heavier soils and unfortunate seepage regions and 2×2 inch trees for better waste regions. Leave these trees in the compound and turn towards the pinnacles. On the off chance that the fake grass fits a specific way, divider, or enhancement, place the tree utilizing a 10 mm brief level close to the divider to connect the counterfeit grass to the tree at a level over the tree surface. Foundation content at a later stage.

Put a mallet within the tree line and on the ground, ensuring it is somewhat beneath the tree line. Then, twist the post to the furthest limit of the tree.

With weighty mud soils, we suggest making the outer layer of the squashed stone up to 3 inches. This isn’t required in many regions and provided that the water level is high which holds water for quite a while on a stormy day. Then, press the floor with a portable plate that can be leased from a rental organization. Ensure the casing is compacted and around 1 inch from the edge of the tree. Fill the edge with glue sand and surface. Ensure the sand is equivalent to the edge of the tree and has been compacted once more.

For better waste regions, spread a layer of sand on the dirt for the blinds. Then, press the floor with a portable plate that can be leased from a rental organization. Ensure the casing is packed and connected to the tree line.

Counterfeit turf yards will be more appealing in the event that you take a stab at this stage.

Grass control layer

Use bio-material film to control weeds and cut them depending on the situation. Apply a little 1 inch electrifies nail to the furthest limit of the tree. This herbicide-controlled bio-material film keeps spices from developing through fake grass seepage openings.

Remove artificial grass

Place the fake grass toward the path you are chipping away at the rug, not in the correct course. Ensure the floor covering is kept to at least 4 creeps for parts, joints and garbage. On the off chance that it fits in the way of fake grass or outside, assuming you put down the limit of the tree as you have fixed previously, it tends to be tied between the counterfeit grass. Assuming you are involved, ensure the fake grass moves in a similar bearing for each segment. Lay the floor covering on the sand, rather than extending the principle material. Leave on for 2 to 3 hours prior to going on with enhancements and glues that will help forestall or defrost the grain. Cut the grass with a sharp dolphin or a Stanley blade or scissors.


When laying open carpets together, make sure my house works in the same direction. Cut the manufacturer’s field strip (if any) and merge the two fields so that the distance between the two carpets does not exceed 1 mm. The accuracy here determines what it will look like once the connection is complete. When the edges of the carpet are joined, bend the back edges to fit the edges and insert the connecting tape (evenly down).

Management glue

a) Stick the cartridge to the harsh side of the tape during crisscross development, with the goal that one cartridge can keep straight for up to 3 meters. Turn the floor covering over and push on the two sides with wet paste, it is hitched and not to ensure each piece. Whenever you do this with your fingers, join the edges to cover the joints. Whenever you are happy with its appearance after the whole length, you want to enact the paste and run it with the compound a few times to attach the grass with tape. Measure the crease to keep a decent association prior to treating the paste. The activity will be done with more consideration and request.

b) Assuming you are utilizing a two-part multi-part glue, ensure that the two parts are very much blended before use. Apply paste to the harsh side of the recording device and spread uniformly utilizing a cut towel something like 20 cm wide. While packing fake grass rugs, enough paste ought to be utilized to finish the change to the rear of the rug.

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