If you want to incorporate vegetation into the ‘deco’ of your house this spring in an original and different way, check out these ideas to dress your walls with plants.

There are certain decorative elements that, regardless of the trends or the general style that characterizes our home, are always infallible, and plants, natural or artificial, are one of those timeless and imperishable accessories. It never hurts to incorporate them into vases, pots, or centerpieces, but with spring they take on greater prominence. For the interior or exterior, decorating with plants is a good idea. And if you know how even dress your walls with greenery. Think about it: plants can be the natural touch your home needs. Conclusion? Decoration and space full of life all in one. If we have convinced you, but you do not know where to start. From here we want to show you 5 easy and simple ways to decorate your walls with plants.

If a vertical garden, as much as you are passionate about it, seems too much for space. And also for the constant care that a plant structure like this entails. One option is to start by creating a composition based on varied plants. And place it above the sofas of your picture room. What you will be placing will be a 100% natural work of art. In this case and with the aim of ensuring that they always look fresh, our advice is that you opt for artificial plants. Of course, do not be afraid to generate contrasts, because these will be the ones that allow the style of your house to be unique and special.

Now that this type of wooden staircase with a Nordic aesthetic is a trend and is used as a decorative accessory in all types of rooms, from the bedroom to the kitchen through the bathroom, take advantage of the one you surely have in your home and give it a new image and function as a plant display. It is not enough to support it, you must anchor it to the wall to prevent it from moving and, incidentally. To support the extra weight that you are going to add to it. Aligning yourself with small supports, place pots on the different steps. Here, if it is possible to opt for natural plants, watering them every day will not be complicated.

One of the most colorful and original proposals is to dress your wall with framed flowers and plants. If you are one of those people who like to preserve and collect dried flowers. It is evident that this solution is aimed directly at you. Get some glass frames, choose assorted and different designs. And place those leaves and flowers inside with great care and care. And then hang each small painting one by one until a beautiful and complete plant composition materializes. You will not have to water or plant, just enjoy your relaxing zen corner.

Hanging plants are best suited to place in windows or on your balcony ledge. In this way, you can create your own floating garden. Either using the curtain rod as a base, just make sure not to overload it. Or, if you prefer, install a small rope with a couple of points on top of the curtain rod. window. The two advantages of giving plants the role of curtains are that one. You can easily adjust them to make the most of the light and, two, move them aside to enjoy an unobstructed view outside from within.

The last easy, fast and simple way to integrate nature. Or artificial vegetation in the decoration of your walls is to replace the books and other ‘deco’ objects that are piled up on your shelves and shelves with plants. You can opt for climbing plants such as ivy. It is perfect if you place them on high shelves or in hanging pots. By varieties that do not need much care and that grow well in rooms without light such as ficus or, directly, by artificial flowers. Do not forget that the green tones of the plants combine especially well with wood and natural fiber decoration accessories since they recreate all the living elements of nature in the interior.

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