An ecofriendly decoration includes the use of materials that do not pollute the environment. Discover how to make your parties more sustainable!

Many people believe that eco-friendly decoration is boring or simple, but nothing could be further from the truth. To be friendly to the environment, you don’t have to give up celebrating and enjoying yourself, it’s just about thinking about using elements that don’t contribute to polluting the planet.

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On the other hand, by using eco-friendly decorative accessories you can save money at upcoming parties. That’s right, you have the option of reusing some things like tablecloths and hats, among others. To motivate yourself to understand this concept, you can start with some cute digital invitations. Nothing to use paper, nor limit yourself by printing costs. How about?

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Eco-friendly decoration for your parties

The eco-friendly decoration includes the use of elements that can be reused in future parties and becomes an invitation to put aside consumerism.

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This latter task must become everyone’s goal, considering that, according to a World Bank report, if urgent measures are not taken, global waste could grow by 70% by 2050.

This report warns about the impact of plastics, which pollute and affect water sources and ecosystems over thousands of years. Their negative impact will grow if we don’t stop using them, especially those for single-use such as cutlery and plates, popular at parties.

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Without further ado, we will tell you some eco-friendly decoration ideas for your parties.

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Reusable tablecloths

Tablecloths are very important at parties, they reinforce the decorative theme and protect the tables from possible spills. However, many people discard them after the celebration.

There are several options in this regard. The first has to do with the use of stain-resistant or plastic tablecloths that support the decorative concept, but that you can use again at another time. Prefer those without much decoration or in a single tone.

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Now, if you prefer to use tablecloths with a design, buy those that are reusable. Then you can decorate something else with them. A second option is to use newspaper or recycled paper. If it is a children’s party, place a few paints and encourage the children to paint on the tables.

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Hats for an eco-friendly decoration

If there are hats in your party plans, which is a good idea, you can bet on some eco-friendly hats. Recycle cardboard or materials that can serve as a base and decorate them yourself. This is a fun task that will surely be highly appreciated by the guests.

To add more fun elements, reuse garlands or glitter on the tops of hats. They will look beautiful and it will show that you have put a lot of love into them. You will be surprised to see what recycled paper will turn into.

No balloons

We know that it counts a lot to think about a party decoration without balloons, but it is possible. Balloons are made from materials that take hundreds of years to biodegrade and end up scattered everywhere after being popped.

Not only do they pose a risk to children, who can swallow a piece and suffocate, not to mention that latex is toxic; but birds and different animals put their lives at risk by mistaking these remains for food. If you absolutely can’t stop using balloons, buy those made from 100% organic latex.

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Paper lamps

A very beautiful and easy alternative to make at home to replace balloons are paper lanterns. As in the case of hats, you can use recycled and low-polluting materials. One of the options is the use of tissue paper or cellophane, which allows the passage of internal light. Use bright colors that go with the theme of the party.

Now, the common thing would be to use candles, but these can burn the paper and cause an accident. For this reason, the most recommended is to use artificial candles, giving priority to those that can be recharged with energy, to avoid contamination with the use of alkaline batteries.

Meals and snacks for an eco-friendly decoration

Regarding the food, it is necessary that you avoid wasting it, so it is convenient to confirm with the guests beforehand. Try to offer healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, if you have any left and you cannot consume it, you can make compost or place it in the organic waste container.

When serving, avoid single-use plastics such as spoons, forks, cutlery, glasses and plates. Instead, use implements made from recycled materials like avocado pits. They have a higher cost, but they pollute less. If you’re okay with washing dishes, use glass or china.

Did you like the eco-friendly decoration?

As you can see, eco-friendly decoration does not imply sacrifices or boring changes. It can be friendly to the environment if you stop enjoying a pleasant moment.

Finally, if you want to give some reminders, recycle glass containers, place some delicious cookies inside or make some scented candles. Decorate with recycled fabric scraps or paints. You just need to be aware of your impact on the ecosystem and your creativity.

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