Running a business is not just about ensuring that all your staff have the right qualifications and experience. In some cases, you will also need to provide training to improve your business prospects and to ensure that you are complying with any laws and legislations that apply to your industry. Here are some of the important pieces of training that all businesses need to consider.

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First Aid – having staff members trained to help with any first aid incidents is not only good practice but in the case of businesses of a certain size it is also a legal requirement. You can send staff members on Emergency First Aid Training Courses like the ones that you can find at

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Fire Marshal – whilst there is no legal requirement to send staff members on fire marshal training it is an important one to consider. Fire Marshals help to ensure that all fire regulations are being adhered to in a workplace and they also help to evacuate a building safely in the case of a fire.

Mental Health First Aid – this is separate from standard first aid training and more and more businesses are sending employees onto these programs. Attendance on one of these courses will help your chosen staff members to identify when an individual may be struggling with a mental health difficulty and give them the skills to help them work with the individual into finding the support that they need.

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