Drains are something that are hugely important to the modern society that we live in. They assist us in preventing diseases that are caused by dirty water that once rampaged through society, particularly in large cities like London. The sewer system in London was created during a particularly bad outbreak, causing many people to become ill and die, people to flee the city due to the fear of sickness and of course the smell that overcame the city one hot summer that was dubbed –the great stink.

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After the sewers were built the problems like this greatly reduced and nowadays, we are fortunate enough to live in a time when we have these to take away our wastewater and remove the problems of diseases transferred by dirty water.

We don’t give much thought to this, but every so often, we do have problems with our drains, and this is what reminds us of their importance. Nowadays we have many people who can help, such as this drain lining surveys company Wilkinson Environmental drain lining. This means that we can quickly and easily have our drains repaired – but what can cause problems in the first place? There are many things that are problematic for drains, but here are three of the most common…

Rats and Mice – Rats and mice can be found all over the place. They have come to thrive on the presence of humans and because of this, they live very near to us and our homes. Rats and mice are a problem for drains as they can chew through almost anything, and this means they can easily chew through a drainpipe with a view to making a nest. This of course will cause lots of drainage problems and damage which will need repairing.

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Tree Roots – Trees growing near our home are lovely, but the roots of them should definitely be something that we keep an eye on. The roots of trees will naturally seek out water, so a great underground water source that they will gravitate to is the drain. Tree roots are strong and cause all sorts of damage when they enter a drainpipe.

Grease and Fat – When cooking and washing up, it is easy to get lots of grease and fat down the plughole. This is one of the main contributors to blocked drains, and as well as causing drainage problems in the home also is one of the causes of fatbergs in the sewer.

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