If you have a bathroom that you dread setting foot in due to the cold tiles, or your kitchen is painfully cold to walk on when you go downstairs to make your morning cup of tea, then underfloor heating could be what you need in your home.

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If you are considering getting someone like this underfloor heating Gloucestershire based company https://parsonsflooring to come and put underfloor heating in your home, here are some of the things that you might be wondering or thinking about to help you make your decision…

Flooring Type – There are some types of flooring that work better with underfloor heating, this is a fact. However, many people will tell you that if you have carpet in the room, then underfloor heating is not an option.

However, whilst carpet is not the best choice of floor covering to use with underfloor heating, it is not something that will stop you from being able to have it at all. If you want to have underfloor heating and keep your carpet, you will have to set the temperature of the heating higher, as it needs to be able to get through the carpet fibres.

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Raising the Floor – There are different types of underfloor heating systems, and whilst it is true that a floor does usually need to be raised in order to install many of them, a water based (or wet) system needs a lot more space for pipes under the floor than a wired or dry underfloor heating system. This is something that will depend on the design of your home and what you want from your heating.

Do you Still Need Radiators? – This depends really on how much of the home you are going to use underfloor heating in. Often, there is still a need for radiators, however they are certainly not likely to be needed in every room that the underfloor heating is in. You may find that you use them a lot less, only needing to put them on when it is very cold outside.

Can it Be Fitted in Any Home? – Due to the fact that there are so many types and designs of underfloor heating systems, whether you live in a modern home or an older style of property, there is likely to be a type that can be installed in your home.

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