Buying a home can be a complicated process, so here are some handy tips on how to put in an offer and be successful.

When you first meet with an estate agent, state the amount you’re willing to spend at slightly lower than the reality. Agents tend to show you properties at the maximum end of what your budget is, so this will put you in a good position right from the start when it comes to negotiation. For advice from Gloucester Estate Agents, take a look at

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Many people get over excited and sentimental when it comes to finding a house they really love. Don’t be too obvious that you’ve had your head turned during viewing or the seller will know that you’ll be willing to pay more for it. Try to play it cool and ask lots of questions.

Keep a close eye on what’s happening in the property market in the area you want to buy. How much are homes selling for and how quickly do they sell? If they sell slowly and for under the asking price, then you know you’re in a strong position to put in a lower offer.

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Notify your estate agent as by law they must pass on every offer they receive to the seller. It’s good practice to put the offer in writing too, an email following a phone call will suffice. If the seller is interested, then the negotiation process can begin through the estate agent. As the agent works for the seller, you might feel there’s nobody acting on your behalf. Often buyers will hire a buyer’s agent to help in the negotiation process.


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