One of the most upsetting things to happen is a burglary and with the cost of living crisis as well as the festive season, this is something to be particularly aware of as we head into the winter. Protecting your home from burglars is something that you should spend plenty of time doing, especially as we are heading into the winter when the longer hours of darkness provide burglars with more opportunities.

Here are some of the things that you can do to increase the security of your home this winter…

Use Timers – A really handy way to make your home look like it is occupied when nobody is there is to use timers for lights. A burglar will look for a property that appears empty as then they are at lower risk of being caught. Some cheap light timers can work wonders for home security.

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Make sure Doors and Windows are Secure – The doors and windows are a main entrance for a burglar, so make sure that they are safe and secure and can be locked easily. Get a professional like this locksmiths Exeter based company to make repairs to any locks that are not working well and make sure that you keep all doors and windows closed and locked when you are not home.

Get Cameras – There are many types of security camera system available nowadays and they can give you peace of mind as well as being a visual deterrent to a burglar. You can also link them to your phone so if you are away for a few days over Christmas, you will still be able to keep an eye on your home and make sure that it is safe.

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Don’t Leave Clues – Many burglars will target a house if they know that there is something in there that is of high value. Things like boxes of expensive items left around bins will provide burglars with a clue as to what is inside. Instead of leaving these out, keep them in the house or garage until recycling day comes or take it straight to a recycling centre nearby so that it is not outside.

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