What is the New Type of Grass for Florida

Florida is a popular state for tourists and residents alike, attracting millions of people from around the world with its beautiful landscapes, tropical climate, and abundant sunshine. Many homeowners in Florida take great pride in their lawns, which often serve as the centerpiece of their outdoor living spaces. While there are many grass varieties available on the market, finding the right type of grass that can withstand Florida’s heat, humidity, and drought conditions can be a challenging task. Fortunately, there is now a new type of grass for Florida – Florida Sapphire grass – that promises to revolutionize Florida’s lawn care practices. In this article, we will explore this new type of grass, its unique qualities, benefits, and why it may be the ideal solution for Florida lawns.

What is Florida Sapphire Grass?

Florida Sapphire grass, also known as Cynodon dactylon “SS-500,” is a premium turfgrass variety bred explicitly for Florida’s unique climate. It was developed through extensive research and development by turfgrass scientists who combined specific qualities from various Bermudagrass varieties to create one of the most versatile grass types in the world. Florida Sapphire grass is known for its superior heat and drought tolerance, adaptability to a wide range of soil conditions, and soft texture and stunning aesthetic appeal.

The Unique Qualities of Florida Sapphire Grass

1. Superior Heat and Drought Tolerance

Florida is home to a variety of grass types, each with its unique set of advantages and challenges. However, when it comes to thriving in Florida’s hot and humid summers, few grasses can compare to Florida Sapphire grass. This grass is specifically designed to withstand Florida’s climate, thanks to its excellent heat and drought tolerance. With an extensive root system, Florida Sapphire grass can efficiently utilize soil water, making it one of the most low-maintenance types of florida grass available. And even under the most intense heat, this grass can maintain its verdant green hue, making it a top choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

2. Adaptable to Varied Soil Conditions

Many areas in Florida boast sandy or nutrient-poor soil, which makes it difficult to find suitable grass types for lawns. Florida Sapphire grass has the unique ability to thrive in a wide range of soil conditions, including sandy and nutrient-poor soil. With its efficient nutrient absorption through its roots, Florida Sapphire grass can grow and look stunning in soils where other grass types might struggle.

3. Excellent Disease and Pest Resistance

Florida is home to various lawn pests and diseases, including chinch bugs, root rot, and brown patch. Florida Sapphire grass has been bred with excellent disease and pest resistance capabilities, reducing the need for chemicals to maintain lawn health. This grass type allows homeowners to avoid unnecessary pesticides, reducing environmental impact and protecting the health of their families and pets.

4. Soft Texture and Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from its many other capabilities, Florida Sapphire grass has a soft texture that makes it a comfortable choice for barefoot walking in the yard. The grass has a beautiful deep-green color that remains vibrant throughout the year, providing a stunning visual backdrop for any landscape. Its fine-bladed texture creates a plush carpet-like feel, making it a highly desirable option for lawns, parks, and sporting fields.

Factors to Consider with Florida Sapphire Grass

While there are numerous benefits to selecting Florida Sapphire grass, homeowners should consider a few factors before choosing it as their grass type of choice. Some of the factors to consider include:

1. Sunlight RequirementsWhat is the New Type of Grass for Florida

Like most warm-season grasses, Florida Sapphire grass requires a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight each day to thrive healthily. If your lawn has a shaded area, another grass type might be more suitable for that area.

2. Maintenance Needs

While Florida Sapphire grass has a slow growth rate compared to other grass varieties, regular maintenance is still necessary for optimal health and appearance. Mowing should be done using a reel mower, and the grass blades must not be cut lower than one inch. The lawn should be fertilized every 4-6 weeks through the growing season to maximize growth while minimizing plant stress.

3. Established Cost

As a new grass type, Florida Sapphire grass may have a higher initial cost than more established grass types. Florida Sapphire grass is primarily established through sod or sprigs rather than seeding. Homeowners interested in extensive landscaping may have varied needs for purchasing amounts of Florida Sapphire grass.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Florida Sapphire Grass

  1. How long can Florida Sapphire grass grow?

Florida Sapphire grass has a slow growth rate, with some reports suggesting it can reach 2-3 inches in height.

  1. How much does Florida Sapphire grass cost per square foot?

Florida Sapphire grass can be purchased for a price ranging from $0.70 to $0.90 per square foot, depending on the supplier and the quantity purchased.

  1. Can Florida Sapphire grass grow in shady areas?

Florida Sapphire grass prefers full sunlight areas and does not grow well in shaded areas.

  1. Can I install Florida Sapphire grass on my own, or do I need a professional?

Installing Florida Sapphire grass can be done by homeowners, but for best results, you should consider hiring a professional to do the installation.

  1. How frequently should Florida Sapphire grass be watered?

Florida Sapphire grass requires watering once or twice a week, depending on rainfall, to maintain its vibrancy. Homeowners must water deeply but less frequently to ensure proper nourishment of the root system.


Florida Sapphire grass is a revolutionary new type of grass that is quickly becoming one of the most popular grass types in the Sunshine State. With its superior heat and drought tolerance, adaptable growing conditions, and excellent disease and pest resistance, Florida Sapphire grass is an ideal option for homeowners looking to grow a beautiful and healthy lawn. While factors like sunlight requirements, maintenance needs, and established cost must be considered before choosing Florida Sapphire grass, it is an exciting option that may soon become the standard for Florida’s lawns.

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