When looking to buy a new home a beautifully maintained garden can be the tipping point to a potential offer. A homebuyers survey is always recommended however to ensure everything is as it should be and no nasty surprises pop up like weeds in your soon to be garden.  Sam Conveyancing can help with vital information to keep your mind at ease.

The term green-fingers can refer not only to the concept of grass and trees, but also having a hands-on approach to saving money and the environment in your own garden.

So whether you’re a keen gardener or you’d like to be, here are a few ideas for a more efficient and useful garden that can help the Earth and your garden become a little more sustainable.

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  1. Be Cautious With Chemicals

It’s not secret that farmers often use pesticides and fertilisers to help their gardens grow and to produce larger and more succulent fruits and vegetables. By keeping bugs away, they can prevent slugs nipping at their cabbages and provide greeneries that look far more fresh than organic ones.

Try not to use them or if you do, try to be selective of which are the least damaging to the environment.

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  1.  DIY Compost

Waste is a big issue throughout the whole world today. We’re producing more than we can handle, without thinking about the consequences.

A great environmentally way to cut down waste that fills landfill sites is to reuse some of the household waste we produce.

  1. Grown Your Own

Let’s go back to the olden days, allotments were everywhere, providing cost-free way of gaining fruits and vegetables to use at your table. Not only are they far cheaper and better quality than ones you buy at the supermarket, they are organic.

The basic message here is that your garden is a personal haven for protecting the environment and providing a source of food and water for your home. Don’t overlook it; start utilising it, but utilising it efficiently and effectively to get the most out of it as a tool to save money and help the planet.


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