As we say goodbye to the summer months and welcome in autumn and winter, we are all aware of the change in the weather. Something to be aware of as the winter approaches, is the risk that wintery weather can bring for your roof.

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The roof is a part of the home that we don’t see much of, however it protects us from the elements all year around, as well as being one of the main parts of home insulation, and keeping the heat in, which as the energy prices rise, is extremely important.

Making sure that your roof is in good repair before the winter months approach is something that you can get a professional to do for you – to find someone in your area who can do this for you, search for something like roofing companies Bristol for example.

Here are some of the problems that can happen for your roof over the winter months…

Falling Trees and Branches -Trees that are near to your home pose a risk to the roof. As we saw last winter, storms can bring very high winds which brings down even large objects such as trees. Trees that are dying or weak are riskier to your roof, as are the branches of them. If you do have trees near to your home, it is advisable to have them checked regularly by a tree surgeon.

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Blocked Gutters – As we head into autumn and trees start to lose their leaves, the gutters are more likely to be at risk of becoming blocked. Making sure that gutters are clear means that the rainwater and ice can safely drain from the roof. If you have gutters that are blocked for some time, animals may also start to live in them, potentially burrowing into the roof itself and causing further damage.

Heavy Snow – Something that many of us like to see over the winter is a blanket of snow, however, this can cause issues for the roof of your home. Snow can put pressure on a roof, especially heavy snowfall, and if there is already damage to the roof this can make it much worse. If you notice shingles are broken on the roof, then this means that the snow could be doing more damage to it.

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