gardening guide for beginners

I love plants, and despite not having an outdoor area, such as a balcony or terrace, I do not want to give up, to the benefits they offer. I do not give up the idea of having a small orchard of aromatic plants at home , even in inside. Here are the gardening guide for beginners.

But everyone is not good at us . The first ” trick “, I would almost tell you that the most important of them all is to choose plants that are easy to care for , which will have the best chance of survival.

If you notice, I have a sanserif and a cactus, which are great to begin with.

The best gardening guide for beginnersgardening guide for beginners

Do you want to decorate your house with plants but you are not an expert? You are interested in knowing these 4 easy steps to follow.

To help all those who do not know where to start when it comes to gardening, here I include myself, Shopalike has created an essential guide on how to create your own green space for those who die to the cactus.

A small shovel -> to move the dirt without getting your hands dirty.

A seedbed -> to make holes in the earth for planting

A mini rake -> to break the crust of earth that forms every so often.

Gardening scissors -> to cut old or ugly leaves, as well as to collect your vegetables or herbs when they are ready

A watering can -> to water your plants and to decorate.

The simplest plants to grow, if you start with this it will be easier for you to obtain positive results. (herbs, vegetables, and flowers) with some advice on how much sun and how much water they need.

How much sun do your plants need?

Light is essential for your vegetables to grow. The best area to have the best vegetables is south, south-east, southwest, which is where better light will be received.

How to plant them?

Advice to know if your plants have enough water: put a finger in the ground.

1 drop of water: when putting your finger, the earth is hot and dry, you must add more water.

2 drops: when putting your finger on the ground, it must be dry at the beginning and wetter at the bottom.

3 drops: the earth is wet but not soaked

When to start transplanting them? All plants and vegetables should be planted at any time after frost, the plants do not like the cold. You can plant your plants inside and move them to the outside balcony once the cold has passed, and you should always pay Pay close attention to the package instructions.

When to plant them? 1) If you water your plants too much, you can damage the roots by avoiding air in the ground.

To avoid this, you will need good drainage. It’s simple . Put some pebbles, gravel, pieces of pottery or some sand in the bottom of the pot.

Choose the best soil for your plant, you will find it in any gardening store.

2) It is important that you follow the rules of each plant. Most seeds need 1cm deep, but there are other types of plants that may need up to 3cm. Do not forget to read the instructions on the seed packet

3) Once you have sown the seed, cover it with a little soil and water.

And, finally, some DIY ideas that will help you to make your balcony or green space inside look even more beautiful. Do you want your balcony to be vertical or horizontal?

This will depend on the space you have, but you can always use some old wine boxes or a wooden pallet. If you close the gaps, you will have room for six floors Save space and money! To avoid confusing plants, you can use old corks to mark them. Plant a stick with a cork and put the name of the plant on it. You can also use wooden sticks that you find in the forest or park.

We are in the perfect time, to fill your home with green.I already have some at home, I started with fat and succulent plants, but I am very excited to create an aromatic garden at home.

Although I know that many of you who read me on the blog, you have a hand with them.

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