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Every gardener wants the best for their food or flower beds, and usually that means thwarting off annoying garden pests. But a garden needs a harmonious ecological system to survive, and some so-called “pests” are actually beneficial garden animals that play a key role in keeping your garden surviving and thriving, courtesy of best au online casino.

  1. Worms

The hardworking invertebrate of the soil, worms are one of our number one friends. A lack of worms indicates a poor soil but adding lots of home-made compost or well-rotted organic matter will soon encourage them back.

  1. Solitary Wasps

Not all wasps are bad guys intent on stinging us. Solitary wasps tunnel out nests in rotten wood and sandy soil. They fill their nests with aphids, flies, weevils or other insects to feed their young, and users of les machines a sous en ligne tend make use of them.

  1. Birds

Song Thrushes like to eat slugs and snails and Blue Tits eat caterpillars. Buying bird feed that specifically encourages these species into your gardens will help to keep a check on the pests activities.

  1. Beetles

Carabid Beetles (or ground beetles) live mainly on the soil surface and are mostly black, brown or metallic green. The larvae prey on many insects, including slugs and pest eggs. If you’re laying beer traps to attract slugs and snails, always make sure the traps are positioned just above the soil line so that the beetles don’t accidentally fall in.

  1. Wolf spiders

Have you ever spotted spiders scampering around as you weed? I’m slightly nervous of spiders but always leave these guys alone as they eat many insects.

  1. Butterflies

Butterflies are absolutely gorgeous creatures that are more than just great to look at; they play a critical role in gardening. They serve as one of the most efficient pollinators, helping your flowering plants to reproduce. This is not only great for gardens but is also great for the environment in general.

  1. Birds

Birds are very special parts of a garden’s ecosystem. They do more than add beauty and music to your splendid vistas. Birds can play vital roles in helping your garden prosper. For one, they are efficient pollinators, helping your plants produce fruit and seeds. Hummingbirds in particular are great at this.

  1. Lizards

They may be an unlikely part of this list, but lizards do a world of good for gardens everywhere. It may be a good idea to attract them to yours so that you can reap the benefits! Lizards are great at eating pests in the garden, such as slugs and various insects. This can really help bring down the population of pesky critters that are disturbing the grandeur of your garden.

  1. Ants

Ants are often taken as a nuisance instead of being beneficial; this is far from true! Ants are actually able to till the soil around as effectively as earthworms. This aeration allows your plants to receive more air and water when they need it. They also act as natural composters, turning dead insects into fertilizer to keep your plants thriving. Ants also help to disperse seeds, making them an important part of the survival of certain plants. This way, they contribute greatly to the environment and gardens around the world.

  1. Toad and Frogs

They may not look the prettiest, but these warty creatures will do wonders for your garden. They feed on slugs, snails and insects that could otherwise wreak havoc on your garden. Toads can eat up to 10,000 bugs in one summer, making them an efficient and earth-friendly alternative to common pesticides.

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