Trees, hedges and privacy plants in the garden

Trees hedges -When you have an isolated house without a house around it is because without a doubt you like privacy. And being able to live in your privacy without anyone bothering you. Also if you live in a semi-detached house even if you have neighbors on the sides you can also find your privacy. And your privacy in a very simple way. But the key above all to find intimacy is in the garden.

A garden where the details are not taken care of in order to maintain privacy would be a garden in which all the neighbors. Or people passing by at that moment could see your house, your things. And worst of all. They would see you in your privacy invading your privacy. Personally I have always thought that your house is your refuge. And as such the prying eyes are out of place. For that reason today I want to talk about some trees, hedges and plants with which you can maintain privacy in your garden without you feeling invaded by nobody.

Trees, hedges and privacy plants in the garden

Trees, hedges and privacy plants in the garden

The trees

Trees are undoubtedly the best ally for the privacy of your home, are also a great investment that can bring you fruits for your own consumption. A tree will save you money thanks to its shade. It will allow you to reduce the heating bill, bring beauty to your garden, reduce air pollution leaving it cleaner. And also increase the value of your property because trees are always a good. What more could you want?

But what would be the right trees for your home? Besides giving privacy your trees will have to have other functions such as: provide shade, protect from the wind, beautify the space, encourage animals to live in your garden (like birds or squirrels), have fruits for your consumption but above all protect your privacy.

There are many types of trees that can be used to give privacy such as lemon trees, orange trees, cypress trees, braquiquito … but you will have to assess the characteristics of your land to assess what would be the type of tree that could go better in your yard.

The hedges

The hedges also consider them a perfect element that nature offers us so that we can protect our privacy and that our privacy is not affected. The fast growing hedges are the most advisable because it will take less time to have your hedge fenced with hedges.

The hedges in addition to providing your longed for intimacy will also give you an extraordinary beauty in your garden as some of them can give you beautiful flowers that will make your home a nice and beautiful place. But you will have to take into account the characteristics of the hedge you choose since it will have to grow to a considerable height in order to provide you with the privacy you desire.

For example the Arizonicas are a classic in the gardens with hedges and although over time it spoils enough people use it very often, although there are more alternatives.

The plants

The plants will also help you eliminate the feeling of being seen by others while using your garden. No matter if they are curious neighbors or prying eyes, what matters is that you can use plants on your fence to protect your privacy. There are plants that will help you create a protective barrier against prying eyes, but I advise you to use those plants that have a rapid growth so that you do not have to suffer much with the lack of privacy.

An example to put plants that protect your privacy is bamboo. Bamboo is an option as well as a very successful aesthetic because it has a great capacity for growth and expansion. There are two types of bamboo that grow fast or those that are grouped in bushes. In addition the bamboo is very resistant and grows very well in clay soils. As they grow so quickly it is advisable to prune them often.

Another of the plants that are also excellent for creating intimacy in your garden is climbing ivies or wild flowers. Both options are very suitable to combine with wooden fences as they can protect your privacy and also create a colorful and very beautiful appearance to the fence of your garden.

What do you think of these ideas to give privacy to your garden with trees, plants and hedges? Which of all the options is the one that you consider best to protect your privacy? Or would you prefer the combination of the three options?

Tips for designing small gardens

The design of gardens is increasingly important, and there are many styles that can be applied today to get true wonders in which to spend your leisure time. Many people dream of having a large garden in which to put many things, but the truth is that in a small you can also get very good results if you are able to design and organize it well.

The big advantage of small gardens is that they can be very welcoming, something that will be achieved much more easily than in the case of having a large one. As a disadvantage we can find that designing it is a simple challenge, since we must make the most of all the space so that it is perfect since any mistake could spoil the vision of the entire garden.

Design a small garden

It is important that you feel calm to think about the design, the best trick to get a perfect design. The first thing to start with the design is to be clear about how you are going to distribute each space, what elements you want to have in each of them, the type of plants you are going to cultivate and how you want to decorate it. All this influences the final result and the way of organizing it, so go testing on a piece of paper until you find the result that you like the most.

Always choose quality against very low prices. The garden will last you “all your life”, so it is worth making an investment in quality materials for both the lawn and the plants, decorative elements, constructions, etc. Do not put very large trees as there is little space and when they grew they could create a very oppressive environment, it is better to put copies that are not going to occupy much.

A good option

The roads are a fantastic option for decorating the garden but the truth is that those that are small do not fit very well as they take away a lot of space that you can use for other things. Do them only if they are essential to be able to go from one place to another and you want it to be with one way.

A trick for a short garden seems long is that the width has to be greater at the beginning and to narrow as it goes, which will make the perspective increase. If you want it to look wider, include horizontal lines highlighted to create that effect. Making several levels, such as a small terrace on a platform, gives a greater sense of spaciousness.

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