There have been many television series that have gripped people week after week and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is one of them. The series is set around a group of friends who are scientists and work at the local university in California. The main characters all have their own little quirks and have us laughing from episode to episode.

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Sheldon Cooper – the brains behind many inventions and the winner of a Nobel prize, Sheldon is a whizz with numbers and has an incredible memory. He struggles however with human interactions and finds people increasingly frustrating. Alongside this he also has other little quirks such as an inability to throw any items away. As a result, he rents a storage unit to hold all his old items. It is similar to the ones that a Self Storage Dudley company can offer you.

Leonard Hofstadter – an applied physicist who is Sheldon’s roommate and best friend. Leonard falls in love with Penny who moves in across the hall. Again, Leonard is incredibly intelligent but he has a difficult relationship with his mother who is a well-known psychologist.

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Rajesh Koothrappali – an astrophysicist who originally comes from India. He is the son of a wealthy gynaecologist, and whilst he knows all there is to know about the universe, he is incapable of talking to women. That is, unless he is drunk.

Howard Wolowitz – the final member of the group of friends is the only one without a PhD. Howard is an engineer and he works on some incredible projects including the Mars Rover. He has the opposite problem to Raj (his best friend) in that he is constantly talking to women and is often very inappropriate with the things that he says.

Each episode follows the friends as they navigate the world of dating. Leonard tries and fails multiple times to date Penny, Howard insults every woman that he meets, Raj swoons over any woman who looks his way and Sheldon is completely oblivious of the opposite sex.

The series has gained a lot of fans with more and more people watching replays of the episodes over and over again. Much like Friends it has become a staple on many television channels and also on Netflix and it would seem that it is not going to be going any time soon.

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