They are resistant species that guarantee color to your garden even in difficult seasons. Most species with flowers have their season and when it happens, sometimes even the plants themselves are lost. But the truth is that there are some resistant species that, except for extreme climates. It can maintain their flowers that bloom all year and look as if it were spring.

Flowers that bloom all year

Flower is the symbol of beauty. You can emagine that there are so many flower beside in your house. That flower is blooming everymorning. Here we are present you some flower that bloom all year. I hope that news will be make you happy.

1- Geranium

Few plants are as grateful as geraniums. With regular irrigation and some fertilizer, the geranium blooms during the four seasons maintaining all its splendor even in the middle of winter. In addition, there is a considerable variety of geraniums with colorful shapes and colors.

2- Clavelina

It blooms in summer but it can prolong the flowering also during the winter. With a beautiful range of shades between white, red and fuchsia that are intermingled, the carnation in a cheerful plant and with good adaptation to soil or pot. Of course, choose the sunniest area to locate it.

3- Lavender

Most of us know lavender for its unmistakable aroma applied to so many products such as softeners, perfumes, oils But also, lavender has showy purple flowers that with the right care, can flourish throughout the year. It is preferable for the wellbeing of the plant to be on the ground directly and with abundant irrigation and fertilization.

4- Jasmine

It seems a gift that a plant such as jasmine can have flowers throughout the year. It is vine and easily filled with a fence or whatever you want to cover, loads of flowers in an exaggerated way and, as if that were not enough, these flowers have an intoxicating aroma like few others. The idea is to have it directly on earth.

5- Begonia

These are the typical off-road plants that live perfectly in a pot, withstand low temperatures well, need little irrigation and fertilizer and, simply in exchange for a lot of light, they are provided with large, colorful flowers and with different colors that they give us throughout the year.

6- The Corona plant of Christ, Euphorbia milii

Euphorbia milii is the succulent plant par excellence if you want to have your pot full of flowers during the 12 months of the year. This species is very popular in the gardens of the world for its easy cultivation and permanent flowering. It only needs to grow in warm, well-lit climates with a very permeable substrate. It should be watered only when the soil is completely dry and the substrate must drain quickly. The only enemy of this plant is the cold; temperatures below 5 ° C are deadly for her.

7- The beautiful Geraniums, genus Pelargonium

Geraniums are very famous plants in the world of gardening and have taken up space in almost every garden in the world. These plants are highly resistant and able to bloom without breaks throughout the year. They grow perfectly on firm ground or large pots. So that their flowering is favored, they must be cultivated in full sun or places very illuminated, temperatures superiors to the 20 ° C, substrate rich in organic matter and with good drainage and frequent irrigation avoiding the absolute dryness of the earth. If we provide all the conditions mentioned above, it will not stop flourishing.

8- Genus Pentas

Plants of the genus Pentas are widely used today as decorative plants in gardens for the beauty of their flowering. These plants, if they grow on the solid ground, can reach a height of one meter but they adapt perfectly to growing in pots. The flowering occurs throughout the year as long as they grow in very bright and warm places. Many projects of biologists who study butterflies use these plants to feed them because their flowers are formed continuously.

9- Cuphea hyssopifolia

This species is very cultivated in the tropics for its medicinal properties and permanent flowering. Although its flowers are quite small, they appear exuberant in the whole plant, making it very beautiful. Its cultivation is quite simple; It needs to grow in full sunlight or in very bright places, temperatures above 20 ° C, a substrate rich in organic matter. It very permeable and frequent irrigation, preventing the soil from drying out. This plant adapts perfectly to the cultivation in pots but this one must have holes in the bottom so that the water drains easily.

 Flowers that bloom all year, you can plant those flower beside your house.

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