You’ll find exterior water and sewer drainage pipes on most property types. To hide these pipes, be creative with landscaping. Consider adding planters with beautiful shrubs, trellises, or attractive rock gardens. These features can help hide the pipes, but you must be very careful to maintain the aesthetics of the landscaping.

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Plants and bird fountains can help hide ugly pipes. You can also cover those pipes that are above ground. Try vertical landscaping by using plants that are high enough to cover the pipes. Use your creativity to make these ugly pipes disappear while enhancing your home’s look. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to create a gorgeous landscape. The possibilities are endless. If you suspect that there is an issue with any of your home’s pipe network, then consider a CCTV Drain Survey Windsor for a non-invasive evaluation of the condition of your pipes. Find out more at

If your interior pipe is located near a fireplace, you can disguise it as a support beam or load-bearing structure. You can build a column around it that matches your decor style. You can also use it as storage space if you build a hanging cupboard around the pipe. The possibilities are endless depending on the size of the pipes and where they are located. If you don’t have the budget to build a full-size column, you can hide the pipes with furniture.

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If you want to conceal the pipes in your landscaping, fake rocks are another way to conceal them. These rock-like objects are not only durable, but also add texture and colour to your landscaping. They can be purchased at garden centres and hardware equipment stores, or online from garden supply retailers. Using faux rocks will keep your pipes hidden and your landscaping looking more beautiful. So, make sure you check out these great tips for hiding pipes in your landscaping.

If you’d like to hide the pipes in your landscaping, you can build a shed. Building a shed may require more effort, but it can also add value to your home. Another option for hiding pipes is to build a wooden box or storage cabinet that covers the pipes. This is cheaper than building a shed, and you could disguise it with turf or potted plants. It’s also an attractive option for homeowners who want to have a natural look for their landscaping without visible pipes ruining the aesthetics.

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