Since the pandemic, more and more of us have begun to consider the role of the kitchen in our lives. Prior to 2020, the takeaway and restaurants were increasingly becoming a place where the family ate with great regularity. However, since the pandemic, families and cohabitors have found that the communal space of the kitchen can be a source of togetherness and great debate. Shared experiences of cooking can be had. However, this neglected area could probably do with some care and attention. As we start to rediscover the power of the kitchen as a force of unity in the home, how do we light it nicely?

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Downlights, such as pot lights or similar, have become very popular in the modern kitchen. They do generate some heat and you will want to harvest that back into the room with some Downlight Covers, like those from These are large domed covers that sit in the ceiling cavity. They are generally not visible so the main focus is all on the light itself.

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These handy downlight covers will help to protect the lights and give them a longer life. The heat from the lights can mix with the cold of the ceiling cavity. As a result, condensation can occur and this can cause issues with the lights as water and electrical systems do not get along very well.

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