The role of a carer in a care home is busy and varied. In order to do their jobs correctly and well they will need to undergo a lot of training such as this safe handling of medication training and be skilled in a range of different things. Here are just some of the things that can be part of the normal day for a carer…

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Food -many people in a care home will have needs when it comes to eating. It may be that they are not able to feed themselves or it may be that they struggle to eat. A carer can help them with this and will be able to sit with them and help them where required.

Paperwork-there is a lot of paperwork involved when caring for people. It may be helping residents to fill in forms or filling out forms for the home itself. This may include care records for the residents or making a note of any ongoing medical or other issues that residents have. They may also need to make notes in training or in meetings.

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Communication-a big part of being a carer is being a good communicator. As well as talking and communicating with residents who may have complex needs it is also important to communicate well with the family and friends of the residents who come in to visit or may phone to ask about how they are.

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