Too much stress is detrimental to health, so it is important to act if you have been feeling stressed out. Modern life is busy and hectic, and it is often too easy to forget that we need that all important downtime to heal our bodies and minds.

Hobbies are great stress relievers! They provide an outlet for us to think in the moment, forget our worries and engage our creativity. Choosing a hobby that will decrease stress is important. Consider something that is easily accessible, simple to do and that will bring pleasure. Here are some ideas for great stress relieving hobbies:

  • Crochet

The repetitive action of both knitting and crocheting eases stress and anxiety. Plus, it helps to fulfill our creativity and provides satisfaction when we make something by our own hands. Beginners can benefit from Crochet Kits. Find out more at a site like Wool Couture

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  • Reading

Whether you love fiction or learning something new, transporting yourself to another place by reading is a perfect stress reliever. Reading is proven to lower heart rate and muscle tension so why not escape to a fantasy world of imagination to escape the real world for a time?

  • Exercise

The endorphins that are released because of exercise are incredibly beneficial to both mental and physical health. Exercise can make a great hobby and does not have to be a chore. Taking up dancing can be beneficial for health and socialising. Playing sports with friends consistently offers the same benefits. Even solo pursuits like running, sailing, or fishing can provide great satisfaction.

  • Baking

If the thought of the aroma of freshly baked bread or cakes filling your home fills you with joy, then why not consider learning how to bake? This can be an extremely satisfying and delicious pastime! The ability to satisfy a family with freshly cooked meals or baked goods is a real confidence booster and provides great self-satisfaction too.

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  • Volunteering

There is a wealth of opportunities for volunteering in all areas. If you love meeting new people and want to help worthy causes, there are always organisations looking for additional helpers. Sharing your skills to help others is extremely rewarding and a fantastic way to destress over your own problems. Volunteering is ideal for those with the time and energy who want to get active. It might not be the best choice for those looking for a quiet hobby to take their mind off things.



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