Even though we are in the height of summer and have seen some seriously high temperatures, it is always good to be aware of our central heating systems. As well as the fact that although it is summer, temperatures could plummet and we may need to switch the heating on for a bit, looking after our central heating shouldn’t stop just because it is summer.

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In order to get the most from our central heating systems, care and maintenance is needed to keep it working well. During the summer months, when we may have long periods of time where we turn the central heating off entirely, it is a good idea to have it checked by a professional such as this boiler servicing Cheltenham based company https://www.blu-fish.co.uk/gas-heating-services-cheltenham/boiler-repair-cheltenham

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When the boiler has lain dormant for some time, it is always good to ensure that it is in good working order ready for winter – the last thing you want is for the colder months to arrive, only to switch your boiler on and find that something is wrong with it!

Sometimes, it is something that is not repairable, and it might be better to have a new boiler put in – here are some of the factors that might influence this decision…

Energy Efficiency – Older boilers are not as energy efficient as newer ones, and especially with rising fuel costs, it could save you a lot more money long term to have a new boiler installed.

Age – The age of your boiler is a big factor when it comes to deciding if the time has come to replace your boiler. As the central heating system ages, it is more and more common for parts to break due to old age and wear and tear. Typically, boilers tend to last around 10 or 15 years before things start to go wrong with them, so if yours is getting to this age it is time to start thinking about a new boiler.

Cost of Repair – If the cost to repair the boiler is simply too much, and not far off the price of a new boiler, this is a sign that it is time for a new one. Similarly, if you keep having problems with it that are costing money to repair each time as well as being inconvenient, this could also indicate that a new boiler would be the better option.

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