In autumn, the green color of the dry leaves, caused by the pigment of chlorophyll, is absorbed by the plant. Which uses it as a reserve, appearing other pigments such as carotene. When this happens, the tree realizes that winter arrives and. Therefore, it is detached from all the dry leaves, which fall like mantles on the garden floor.

But what should be done with all the leaf litter when the trees lose their colorful autumnal hand. And the ground is covered with multicolored leaves? Today we tell you what you have to do and why you should do it.

Benefits of dry leaves

The dry leaves can protect the lawn from frost, conserving moisture in the soil and, in addition, can reach the soil when decomposing. Fallen dry leaves contain up to 80 percent of the nutrients a tree absorbs during the growing season. By allowing the decomposition in the soil. It returns all its nutrients to the soil. Where they are reabsorbed by the roots and channeled for a new growing season.

Disadvantages of dry leaves

However, wet leaves are dangerous if left on the floor of a patio or tiled areas, as they form a slippery brown carpet. In addition, it is advisable to remove the fallen dry leaves on young shoots, grass, evergreen plants. And grass, as the plants can rot as a reaction to wet leaves. And is that if we leave the fallen leaves on the lawn waiting for it to become compost. Those leaves will suffocate and kill the lawn long before it became compost. But that is not all! The lack of light, air. And water can cause brown spots on the lawn very unsightly. And the appearance of insects, fungi and other diseases.

How to clean the garden

To clean your garden of dry leaves you will need a broom or rake, gloves, dustpan, trash bags and. If possible, a sheet vacuuming machine. It is best to clean by areas, starting at the ends, sweeping the leaves forming small piles. Then they must be lifted with the collector and placed in a bag to prevent the wind from spreading them again. If you want, you can step on them slightly to crush them. And decrease their volume. If you want to take advantage of them you can create compost.

Tips for decorating gardens with swimming pool

Undoubtedly having a garden with a swimming pool is nowadays a luxury for hot seasons. Being able to go out into the garden and enjoy a dip at any time of the day or night is a pleasure. Thanks to the combination of garden with pool is double enjoyment, rest and entertainment. Since you have the refreshing pool for the hottest moments and have a good time. But you also have a garden in which to spend pleasant moments in the fresh air. Whether it’s for lunch, for a snack, for a dinner in the light of the moon or simply to read feeling the nature in you.

If you have this open space, sure that when the good time begins, you will gain a lot of prominence in your life, and it is not for less. But also to get that outer space is a nice and cozy space you should take into account its decoration giving priority to comfort and enjoyment. Stay tuned for the following tips to decorate gardens with swimming pool.

Care and cleaning

Nobody likes to be in a dirty and messy space, but neither inside the house nor outside. Making it the outside of the home does not mean that it should be neglected. When going outside, they like to feel close to nature, breathe and breathe fresh clean air … and that must be accompanied by proper care and a good regular cleaning.

You must take into account the beauty of your garden combined with the pool and enhance this aspect so that every time you look at the landscape you like what you see.


To enhance the presence of nature, it is never too easy to add large pots with large natural plants that give that natural touch that we like to feel while resting or taking a bath. Whether you have large plants or trees around it is advisable that in addition to keeping them in good condition, be careful if the dry leaves fall to pick them up and have a careful appearance.

Another idea is to plant also exotic plants that give a different air to your garden, they are always beautiful and they stay beautiful where you want to place them.

Pergola and deckchairs

A pergola is great for a garden with a pool because in addition to being very aesthetic you can put a table and four chairs underneath to spend pleasant moments and eat with the family outdoors. If a pergola is too cumbersome you can put a nice outdoor umbrella.

For the little ones

It is very important that if you have children in homes you take care of the security, for this you can put a fence or wooden fence around the pool with a door. This will prevent them from accessing the pool without an adult with them.

It is also a good idea to put in the garden and away from the pool a play corner for the little ones such as a toy house adapted for the outside, swings like seesaws or a slide, so that they also have their leisure area and rest when you want to enjoy the fresh air and nature.


Lighting is also important especially if you like to enjoy the pool on summer nights. For this you can put lights in the pool that are always very aesthetic, lanterns on the outside and some other outdoor lamp to give you a soft but warm light.

What really matters in the decoration of your garden with swimming pool is above all, that it provides you tranquility, comfort and comfort.

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