Cadix and Capi Planters

Undoubtedly the office pots give our work spaces a touch of color and joy, but also oxygenate the environments and improve the mood of those who are in daily contact with them.

In your office, it will not be enough to have original plants to stand out. You will have to take care of them and keep them. Sometimes it is better to entrust this work to professionals, if you perceive that many of your staff members are not going to take care of your care, or if you do not have other specialists to do this work.

Cadix and Capi Planters

Choose the most appropriate office planter

If you are going to choose the most suitable pot for your workplace we must take into account Cadix and Capi Planters but also keep in mind a number of fundamental factors for the well-being of our plant.

The first one is where we are going to place it. We must choose a place where it receives sun or “cold” artificial light (tubes or fluorescent bulbs), since it is vital for them, but at the same time they do not become a nuisance, that is why we must be careful when putting the Cadix and Capi Planters at work tables or in busy places.

It should also be taken into account that they will need a degree of humidity and temperature appropriate to the type of plant for the office that we are going to choose. A cactus is not the same as a vine, each one will need different Cadix and Capi Planters and cares.

Care and maintenance of office plants

There are a lot of cadix planters variety office pots to choose from; according to its components, we can basically choose those that are porous and those that are not.

The clay ones are the most porous par excellence and allow adequate aeration and humidification. The plastic and ceramic are non-porous and can restrict the passage of air and retain excess moisture.

In terms of size, if we are going to occupy a space that is little frequented as a corner, the Cadix and Capi Planters can be large and the plant must adapt to the chosen area; we cannot put a palm tree on a tile, but a climbing plant.

If we want to place several decorative plants in the office, we must choose the right size of each Cadix and Capi Planters for office and place a plant according to the place where it will be located, taking into account the previous advice: functionality, access to light, etc.

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