Have you ever wondered what fashion will look like in the future? Will we all be whizzing around on hover boots and wearing WiFi connected clothing? There are limitless possibilities and the only limitation is the imagination of leading fashion designers across the world. But will the catwalk translate to the high street? How will the weird and wonderful clothes of the future be received by consumers? Here are some predictions for the future of menswear:

Suits will be transformed – The suit of the future will be worn more like we wear tracksuits today. There has already been a shift away from the over formality of suits, with many offices dropping ties and even a jacket required. As workplaces become more flexible and casual, there will still be a desire for suits and it could well be that these become the new casual wear that are worn when people are not at work.

Personal stylist in AI – As technology continues to leap forward, it will increasingly need to work for consumers in fresh and revolutionary ways. There is already an app that allows users to upload images of clothes they like and a personal stylist will take them to fashion finds to inspire them. The use of such AI applications will undoubtedly continue to grow in many industries, especially fashion. There will be many new applications that help bring consumers and limited collections together, connecting people with fashion designers and providing a made to order service. While you are still your own personal stylist, consider the range of Mens Superdry Hoodies from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/superdry/hoodies

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Virtual reality to design your own clothes – The world of customisation will explode with the ability to create our own designs in virtual reality. Whether it’s a custom skin for gaming or the ability to create completely bespoke custom outfits, technology will give us the opportunity to all become fashion designers. As well as having designs that nobody else is wearing, the clothes will also be made to fit perfectly.

Smart clothing – The ability to programme our clothes will become the norm in the future. Our clothing will become intuitive to our needs by reading data from our bodies. AI will be able to respond in real time, learning about the wearer’s preferences and behaviour and reacting to it. This is already being achieved in some instances. A jacket has recently been manufactured with integrated AI that adjusts the temperature of the jacket to optimal conditions in line with the weather.

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Supply chain transparency – Consumers are increasingly becoming concerned with the sustainability of their fashion. We now want greater transparency in terms of where our clothes come from, how the fabric is sourced and the manufacturing techniques. Consumers will want lots of information upfront to make it easier to make decisions and this is why there will be more calls for greater transparency.

Whatever the future holds, it is sure to be full of more technology and increasing applications for artificial intelligence. We are already starting to see advances in wearable tech and this will no doubt continue to influence the fashion world, as it will in many other industries too.

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