Sadly, the summer has come to an end and this means that we have no more evenings of sitting out in the garden. This is the time of the year to get the garden cleared up and ready for the springtime.

You may be tempted to ignore the garden until next year when you can enjoy it again, but there are a few garden jobs that you can do now that will make it even better come next Spring when hopefully we will have the weather to enjoy it once again!

One of the first jobs you can do in November is to plant tulips! These jolly flowers will brighten up the garden next April if you plant the bulbs now, and there are so many colours and varieties to choose from to complement your garden.

It is also a good time to tidy up – strong winds have blown the leaves from the trees so get them all cleared up and wash down any paving slabs and decking.

It is best to keep garden furniture and kids’ outdoor toys inside now, to protect it from the harsh wintery elements. This shelving Ireland based company is great for storage in garages and sheds so you can keep your garden items safely tucked away without creating clutter!

It is also a good time to give the furniture a lick of paint if it needs it – you can do this inside your shed or garage and leave it to dry – next spring you will get it out and it will look as good as new!

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