Vintage sofas inject personality and style into any home. Whether you are looking to match the features of a period property or provide a juxtaposition of styles in a new build, there are a host of vintage sofa styles available. These range from flamboyant art-deco-inspired chaise longues to timeless and classic Chesterfields.
To earn the title ‘vintage‘, a piece should not only be old but also demonstrate a defined and particular style from its period.

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Vintage sofa considerations

Vintage sofas are renowned for their craftsmanship and intricate details. They project history and charm from bygone eras, with every piece telling a story. Take the time to understand their appeal and think about how a vintage sofa will contrast with modern housing. Utilise your piece as a bold statement or focal point, pairing strong colours and details against simple, clean, neutral walls or floors.

Consider practical issues, such as your budget, the amount of usage your vintage sofa will endure, its size, and whether restoration work is required.

Consider the maintenance and care your sofa will require, including cleaning, preservation, and protection from spills.

Ensure your vintage sofa blends seamlessly with its surroundings, avoiding colours or styles that clash or compete for attention. Use colour palettes, accessories and your existing furnishings to showcase a harmonious and balanced space.

Vintage sofa suppliers

Specialist suppliers stock a wide range of vintage sofas and furniture in an abundance of styles and colours to suit every home. Pieces are one-off and unique, with regular restocking taking place. A specialist supplier can not only showcase its one-of-a-kind offerings but also offer specialist advice on issues such as restoration, maintenance, and cleaning. Visit a company such as Vintage Sofa Warehouse for inspiration and advice on which vintage sofa will match your styling and interior goals.

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In addition to being stylish, vintage sofas are a great way to integrate an environmentally friendly approach to furnishing into your home. There has never been a better time to resurrect old pieces that might otherwise end up in landfill.

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