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Do you feel comfortable surrounded by plants and flowers? Surely, a harmonious garden is pure happiness because it is a source of energy that stimulates the senses. We share some gardening tips for your plants perfect.

The plants and flowers make a garden, terrace or very exuberant room shine, bringing elegance, harmony and balance to our spaces, which is very attractive to the eye. But, beyond the aesthetic as well as bring beauty to the home and be an important decorative element the plants have many benefits. Among the properties that they offer us, we find that they help us reduce stress, improve air quality and increase self-esteem. There is no doubt that a minimum dedication will make a difference and will fill our home with life.

We show you some simple and practical gardening tips to keep the plants very alive and healthygardening tips

  • Initially, the time of dedication that requires the care of the plants varies depending on the type of plants. So if you have little time begins to sow a few simple plants that require basic care such as water, light, and air. On the contrary, if plants or flowers that need some kind of special soil or climate according to your culture, spend more time.
  • Look for information about the plants you want to grow or those who already have and notes its flowering period, fertilization, irrigation, pruning. This valuable information will help you adapt to the garden according to the options available to you.
  • If your garden has a lawn, it is advisable to take advantage of the space just at the edges to plant the plants that need more irrigation, so that more water accumulates in this area.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of pots and plants free of withered leaves and dead flowers will help all the nutrients in the soil to be absorbed by the plants.
  • The location of the plants is a key point for their care. Choose a place where light does not harm plants or flowers, remember that both excess and lack of light can be harmful. In the case that they are exposed to too much light, the leaves will have a yellow coloration and will begin to fall, instead, the lack of light causes them to wilt. Also, avoid exposing them directly to heating or air conditioning.
  • If you have plants with few flowers but you want them to look more abundant, you can get some that have closed buds and incorporate them around the plant in a place that has a lot of light and the earth has a slight humidity.
  • The watering of plants, you should always do on earth and never on plants or flowers. Otherwise, they may be more prone to pests and fungi. Also, remember that excess watering can rot the roots.
  • It conserves the aerated earth every so often, it will help to make it not compact, which will allow the drainage of the water and the roots will develop in a better way.
  • Use fertilizer for plants if necessary, this will provide the soil essential nutrients in the development and proper growth of plants, shrubs, trees, and the entire crop.
  • To eliminate insects you can apply organic insecticide to your plants, or use shredded eggshells around the affected area as a natural alternative. Do not let the annoying insects damage all the work.

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