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We are going to see 7 fantastic decorative ideas to inspire you when gardening in an urban house on your terrace, balcony or patio. Come and discover the best home gardening ideas!

Spring has already begun. It is time to get down to work with the project of creating an urban garden. Yes, that idea that you have been going around in your mind for a while and you don’t decide. Now is a perfect time to make it happen. In addition to saving and growing our own organic vegetables, it will allow you to relax and forget the world for a while. Because gardening at home can be a perfect excuse to get away from it all and relax after a long day. And it also has a reward!

To know what you should do, what kind of land to buy, how to plant, which seeds are better, when to water … you can find a lot of blogs that will inform you step by step. What we are going to see are some decorative ideas to have an urban garden on your terrace, balcony or patio. Ideas that can inspire you when creating your home garden. Because if you have little space is not a good excuse, there are ideas of all kinds, so surely some fit you. Let’s see them!

Best home gardening ideas

1. Cultivation tableshome gardening ideas

We can find them in any garden center or in specialized stores and are designed to grow, so they are very comfortable. They have different measures depending on your space. In addition to being elevated, about 82-85 cm high, they are more comfortable. Thus we avoid being in positions that can be harmful to our back. They exist in different materials but, without a doubt, those of wood are the ones that we like the most. Being treated do not need any maintenance. Although also the metallic ones are a good option since they have even less maintenance and are very light. In this article, they tell us how to choose our cultivation table, in case you still don’t decide. It is one of the best home gardening ideas.

Another option is to make it ourselves with some pallets or wood. Nothing simpler and the result will be as great as the ones shown below. If you like the idea here you can consult how to make your cultivation table yourself. So take out the handyman inside and create a beautiful DIY growing table. So you can do it to the exact extent that suits you best depending on the space you have. Ideal!

2. A vertical gardenhome gardening ideas

We have been listening and seeing vertical gardens for some time and we have to find a way to put some green at home, even with the minimum available space. It is also a good way to have our garden at home without stealing much space from our outdoor spaces. There are many types and assembled in many different ways according to our tastes, the space to occupy, the type of material we want to use … But the result is great and will allow us to have our garden always at hand. On my Pinterest page about orchards, you can see many more ideas to inspire you, don’t forget to stop by.

You can also install it indoors, for example in the kitchen or in the gallery, if you have space. And another great idea is to do it by recycling plastic bottles. Ecological and very practical. It is, for example, ideal for growing fruits such as strawberries or aromatic plants that will then be great for cooking. We love the idea, what do you think?

3. Take advantage of old wooden boxeshome gardening ideas

Another solution that we have found on Pinterest and that has enamored us are the wooden boxes. Fruit or wine boxes can become the ideal container for your mini-garden at home. In addition, they will be easy to move if necessary by the sun or because it rains too much. You know that in the blog we love to look for ideas that help us to recycle creatively. And this idea has made us fall in love. We can also use it for exterior or interior, as we see fit. It is one of the best home gardening ideas.

4. Grow your garden at different heights at home

Another good way to create your garden can be by taking advantage of the space at the top. So if you do not have too many meters to devote to your new hobby sure you can get more performance. We can find different types of planters designed to go on top of each other and thus give us more space. They are also very decorative and practical. We have also talked above vertical gardens or hanging. In this case, it is not about hanging them but placing the planters on top of each other so that we take advantage of the limited space we have. It is one of the best home gardening ideas.

We can also do them by reusing pallets, an ecological and recycling solution that we love. There are many options when setting up a vertical garden. A great idea to grow our own vegetables and fruits while decorating. Depending on the space we have and the area where we place it, we can decide on a variety or another of plants. And if you have no sun, do not be discouraged, you can also grow plants such as strawberries that are from undergrowth areas. There are solutions for everything!

5. Grow your own aromatic plantshome gardening ideas

Aromatic plants are necessary for your kitchen and if you also have them fresh and always at hand, what else can you ask for? A great idea to grow your own aromatic plants is to do it by recycling glass cans. It is also decorative and fun. You can have them in a small corner of the kitchen or hang them on a wall as in the first example. If you like that idea you can see how to carry it out here. The result is well worth a little effort, don’t you think?

6. Cultivation pyramid

Another original idea is to build a cultivation pyramid. If you have enough space it can be the ideal resource as well as very decorative for your garden or terrace. It will cost you some work but the effort well deserves it. Here you can find some examples of how to do it. An intelligent and decorative solution to the problem of space that is also very practical when it comes to growing and that allows you to have a lot of cultivation space in your home garden.

7. And a small decorative detail

And we end up with a small decorative detail for your home garden that has enamored us. If you want to give a charming touch to your garden, these stones decorated with the different varieties that you cultivate seem cute. And so everyone will know where everything is. Don’t you love them Well, they are very simple to perform, we just need some pebbles, paint and a little imagination. Or the decorative ladybugs that you can see in the featured image of the article is also one of our favorites. Fantastic! It is one of the best home gardening ideas.

And here the best ideas when setting up a garden at home. We hope you liked it and if you dare to mount it or you already have it, we hope you tell us what system you have used and if you like some of the ideas that we have told you. The garden at home is one of the projects I have pending but I am determined to launch it shortly. So let’s see, I’m still not sure which one I’m going to decide! Happy week and thanks for reading!

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