Whether you have a garden or a small patio full of pots, there are a number of tools that will greatly facilitate the cultivation of plants and, in turn, will allow you to enjoy even more of this fantastic world that is the gardening without your back suffering the least. But what are they?

If you go to a nursery for the first time you can stay for minutes looking at the different types that are there while your head is filled with doubts that seem not to be resolved. So that does not happen to you, we are going to tell you the 10 garden tools that should not be missing from your shopping list .

Hole digger for posts

Do you need to put some poles in your garden or orchard? You can do it with the hoe, but I’m not going to cheat you: the hole that you will have is not going to be as narrow as you want, so the post will not hold everything you would like unless you fill the hole with concrete. For this reason, I recommend you to do with a hole digger like this, which will make the perfect hole.

Garden accessories set

One of the problems you can have when growing plants is not finding the tools you need. Many times when you go to stores or nurseries you see the shovels, the rakes, the hoes, etc. of a large size. Too big so you can use them with your pots or when you intend to plant some flowers in the garden. As well. So that it does not happen to you I recommend that you do with a set of garden accessories , which you can store for example in the garage or storage room without taking up too much space.

Pruning shears

If there is a tool that is useful and that you are going to use a lot, that is the pruning shears like the one you see in the image. They are good to carry and use , since they do not weigh much and are ergonomic. In addition, its maintenance is very simple , so you can use them whenever your bushes, young palms or trees need to go through the hairdresser.

Digging shovel

The digging shovel is a tool that will be useful if you intend to create a garden or if at some point you decide to change some plants on site . Being straight and not having the rounded tip like that used by masons, it is much simpler to make planting holes or even extract plants from one site and then plant them in another location. It is, therefore, highly recommended to have one, because you never know when you will need it.


The saw is the perfect tool to prune thick branches , 2cm or more thick, so it will be essential if you want to plant some fruit trees, otherwise they would grow ungainly, and you could not collect their fruits with comfort What would you want. Therefore, you should prune them using the appropriate garden accessory, such as this one, in late winter, or in autumn if the climate in your area is mild.


Scissors? Yes Yes. But not anyone. The scissors that I advise you to buy are specially designed to make small prunings , such as cutting thin branches (less than 0.5cm thick) green, removing the flower stems or withered flowers, trimming the dry or diseased leaves of the plants, … in short, pruning that could be done with the hand but that we prefer to do with a tool so that the cut is cleaner.

Hedge cutters

The hedges are created by bushes of more or less rapid growth to which some branches have to be cut from time to time so that they continue to have an orderly appearance. But it is not worth using any accessory; In fact, if we could match them with the first thing we found, the most likely outcome was that we did not like it that much.

Garden roller

So that the ground is well flat is not enough to pass a hoe gently on the surface and have an excellent view, but also has to pass with a garden roller so that the earth is well compacted . And if you can fill it with stone or sand in a simple way, then much, much better.

Especially interesting is the purchase of a meter that tells you the pH of the soil as well as the fertility it has. Knowing the characteristics of the land in which you want to plant is very important, because depending on which are you can grow some species or others . For example, in acidic soils you can have a garden with acidophilic plants ( Japanese maples , camellias , hydrangeas , gardenias , among others), while in calcareous or clayey you will plant plants that grow in this type of soil, such as carob trees , the almond trees or the fig trees .


They are very, very useful, especially if you intend to have a collection or plant seeds . In them you can write down the date of sowing or of purchase and the common or scientific name (or both if they fit). Using a permanent ink marker (I do not recommend using a conventional marker because the ink is quickly erased by the sun and rain), you can control your plants at all times for many years.

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