One of the best things about the Christmas season is being able to watch several great, somewhat cheesy, Christmas films with family and friends. After a big dinner of roast potatoes, slices of succulent turkey or beef, roast parsnips, mashed swede, (the obligatory sprouts), stuffing, Yorkshire pudding and lashings of thick, brown gravy, being able to sit down by the fire with close family and friends to watch a classic Christmas movie is the perfect, special, relaxing afternoon.  “The Santa Clause”, “Deck the Halls”, “Last Christmas”, “The Holiday Calendar”, and “Bad Santa” all worthy of the titles “Great, Cheesy” Christmas movies and films.  We all love to watch these films as we laugh and cringe, all warm and cosy, together on the sofa.  Of course, there are also the Classic movies that we absolutely MUST watch every Christmas such as “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “White Christmas”, “Elf”, “Jack Frost”, “Miracle on 34th Street” and “Scrooged”. Don’t be the only family in town not able to watch the television at this festive time of year, get a fabulous reception on your extra-large screen by having a TV aerial installation Cheltenham supplied by a professional company such as

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Cheesy Christmas Movies are definitely part and parcel of the Christmas season and bringing together family and friends to watch this type of film somehow encompasses the whole, unique spirit of Christmas.  We laugh, cry, cringe and compare notes together on the cheesiest parts of a film, family members we haven’t seen for a long time join in harmony as once more the individual members are united as one. For most of November and all of December these fabulous films can be found on our screens, entertaining whole families and groups of friends.

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Cheesy Christmas films are a quintessential Christmas tradition that goes happily alongside, attending a Candlelit Carol Service, eating the tin of chocolates meant for Christmas Day, pulling crackers at the table, decorating the tree with as many pretty, flashing, coloured lights, shiny baubles, and sparkly tinsel as possible, and having bubble and squeak for your Boxing Day’s dinner alongside cold turkey and pickled onions!  Of course, this year it will be the mandatory “King’s speech” rather than “the Queen’s speech” on Christmas Day, for the family to sit down together and watch at three O’clock in the afternoon.

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