Trees are a delight to have in the garden. They provide us with shade, as well as beauty all year around, and they are also important for local wildlife, as well as for our health too. When it comes to choosing the right tree for your garden, although there are many fancy trees that come from all over the world, it is always best to go for a native British tree.

There are many different types of native tree, and you are bound to find a type that is suited for your garden. As well as the fact that they are better for local wildlife, trees that are native to the UK will need much less care and attention and are much more likely to be successful in your garden. As they grow, get a professional like this Dorset tree surgeon Kieran Boyland to ensure that they are kept healthy and neat.

If you are interested in adding a native tree to your garden, here are a few ideas for you…

Blackthorn – This is a shrub more than a tree, but it is not only a great protective plant due to its sharp spines, but it is also beautiful as its blossoms arrive fairly early in the year before much else is out. In the autumn, you can even harvest the fruits called sloes which make a lovely winter gin!

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Holly – This is a lovely garden tree and can form part of a hedge if you prefer. Holly is perfect if you want colour all year around, and its shiny green leaves certainly give you that. Because it is spiky, it is another good choice for the perimeter of the garden as a deterrent to intruders.

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Rowan – This beautiful tree is incredibly popular with gardeners, due to its beauty and small stature. It is also known as the mountain ash, due to the fact that it can often be found growing at higher altitudes and its pinnate leaves resemble those of an ash tree, although the two are not related at all. The clusters of orange berries in early autumn are not only beautiful to look at but are also loved by many birds.

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